Prozis Knee Wraps – Pair (2) Bandages


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Knee Wrap Bandages

  • For knee compression and protection
  • Suitable for cold pack therapy
  • Made from strong, stretchy material
  • One size fits all
  • Strong hook-and-loop closure
  • Sold in pairs
Knee’d support?

The knees are incredibly strong and important joints, and keeping them in good condition should be a priority for everyone. Those who practice sports that require lower-body strength would do well to pay attention to the state of their knees, since they typically subject their knee joints to much more pressure. Many strength athletes such as powerlifters and bodybuilders are well aware of this, and have therefore resorted to using knee wraps. This offers several advantages. Firstly, knee wraps are believed to relieve stress from the quadriceps tendons, which connect the kneecaps to the quadriceps muscles, and may help prevent injury. And lastly, knee wraps allow the lifting of heavier weights during squats, since their elasticity may make the upwards phase of the movement easier. So there you have it, two very good reasons for using knee wrap bandages.

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