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Haya Labs Food Based Women’s Multi 60tabs

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Haya Labs Food Based Women’s Multi is a product which contains all the vitamins and minerals essential for the good health of the ladies.


Full vitamin & mineral spectrum
All essential ingredients for women’s health needs
Suitable for pregnant women
Enzyme blend
Probiotic complex

HAYA LABS Food Based Women’s Multi is a product which secures all the vitamins and minerals, enzymes and probiotics essential for the good health and development of every lady. The innovative formula is based on multiple research trials with women of different age groups. Each tablet has been checked to guarantee that it contains all the ingredients indicated on the label.
The product contains green superfood extracts, spirulina, broccoli and spinach, indispensаble foods for the good health of the ladies. The collagen, lutein and lycopene substances provide special hair, skin and nail care. The poignant enzyme components included in the mix improve the digestive system and the accumulation of the macronutrients. The probiotic complex supplies the body with about 10 billion active bacteria to prevent infections. The antioxidants neutralize the activity of the dangerous free radicals within the body whose cells are then relieved from the oxidative stress.
In combination with a suitable food regime, HAYA LABS Food Based Women’s Multi is a product which will change your life for the better and will help you enjoy it to the fullest!

HAYA LABS Food Based Women’s Multi can be taken by all ladies, not only those who are physically active but also those who wish to improve their everyday life.
One dose: 2 tablets

Recommended use:1 dose daily, with food

Container size:  30

Treat yourself to some good health, only 2 tablets of HAYA LABS Food Based Women’s Multi away!

Do not exceed the daily recommended value

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