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Haya Labs Collagen Max 395g


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Totally natural composition
With added magnesium lactate
Enriched with protein
Strengthens bones, tendons and joints
Helps mobility
Improves elasticity
For healthy hair, skin and nails
Great taste of apricot, peach, orange breezer, fresh apple juice or pineapple

Collagen is the most common protein in the human body that holds our body together. It is found in bones, muscles, tendons and skin, where it forms a scaffold that gives strength and structure.
Collagen Max by Haya Labs can be used for any kind of protection, such as the protection of the skin, and the motion of the cells.

Collagen Max from Haya Labs is magnesium-enriched lactate.
Magnesium lactate is a food additive that relates to the group of antioxidants. This is the sodium salt of lactic acid. The substance is a white crystalline powder.
Key features: regulates acidity, replaces salt, emulsifying salt.

Collagen Max from Haya Labs is made on a special patented raw material Fortigel.
Today every fourth person suffers from bone and joint problems. The main reason is the wear and tear of the articular cartilage. Fortigel is an innovative ingredient for regeneration of articular cartilage.

Optimized specific collagen peptides in this patented raw material activate the growth of new cartilage and alleviate joint discomfort. The effectiveness of Fortigel technology is scientifically proven, contains no allergens and is easy to digest.

One dose: 1 scoop
Recommended use: Take 1 scoop daily

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Apricot Milk Shake, Peach Milk Shake, Pineapple Milk Shake

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