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Haya Labs All Natural Spirulina 500mg 100 tabs

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HAYA LABS All Natural Spirulina 500 mg /100 Vtabs
Imagine a plant which can provide your body with the majority of the proteins you need, helps to prevent colds and allergies, strengthens the immune system, helps in controlling high blood pressure and cholesterol levels and prevents cancer.
• Supports the function of the immune system
• Improves symptoms of allergies
• Balances blood pressure
• Helps maintain normal cholesterol levels
• Helps reduce risk of cancer
• Provides you the necessary proteins
HAYA LABS All Natural Spirulina is the richest natural source of provitamin A and iron. It contains natural calcium and protein (18 of 22 amino acids) , a variety of antioxidants (vitamin A, C and E, zinc, selenium ) , gamma linolenic acid and vitamin B12.
Spirulina is a simple, single-celled organism that got its name from the Latin word for ” helix ” because of its shape. Its scientific name is Arthrospira platensis, and it’s part of the family cyanobacteria .
Today, these nutrient-rich algae are used worldwide to help treat diseases and seriously discussed as a sustainable source of food with the potential to stop world hunger.
According to many studies, spirulina has been used successfully to prevent a wide range of diseases and helps maintain a healthy and strong body.
Although spirulina is completely natural and generally considered a healthy food, there are some contraindications. You should not take spirulina if you are allergic to seafood. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding or if you have hyperthyroidism, consult your doctor before taking spirulina.
Recommended daily intake:
The usual daily dose is 3,000 mg; take 6 Vtabls per day .

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